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As of 2021 SATSS vouchers are disappearing, but a SATSS Identification Card was introduced with the same amount of 80 trips of travel every 6 months.

What is the South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS)?

The South Australian Transport Subsidy Scheme (SATSS) is a State Government subsidised taxi travel program. It is for people with permanent and severe disabilities who, because of their disabilities, cannot safely use public transport either independently or accompanied by a companion/carer.

Consideration for eligibility to SATSS will include:

    Evidence of a person’s inability to use public transport;
    The effect of a combination of impairments on an individual’s abilities;
    The appropriateness of SATSS to provide transport assistance;
    Consideration of personal safety issues (from the individual, transport provider and general public perspective);
    The existing mobility criteria for SATSS (established prior to July 2005); Total and permanent dependence on a wheelchair;
    severe permanent ambulatory problems resulting from paralysis or necessitating permanent use of large complex walking aids;
    permanent inability to negotiate three bus steps 350mm high;
    permanent inability to sit in public transport without restraints; and/or unable to walk more than 100 metres without brief rests.
    Sensory impairments (including vision);
    Cognitive and intellectual impairment (including psychiatric and neurological conditions)
    Communication impairments.

What benefits are available to SATSS members?

As of 3 December 2006, SATSS entitlements have been increased.  SATSS now provides members with 80 personalised  vouchers for subsidised taxi travel every six months.  The maximum metered fare to which subsidy applies has also increased, the subsidy applies to the first $40 (previously $30) of a taxi fare, the member must cover the full amount of any fare over the $40 maximum fare limit.

Membership is divided into two categories:

An Ambulant Member (those who are able to walk and who are not confined to a wheelchair) receives 50% subsidy  and pays 50% of the fare themselves; or Members confined to a wheelchair receive 75% subsidy and pay 25% of the fare themselves.

If the taxi fare is over $40 the member must pay their required contribution plus any amount over the $40.  For example, if the taxi fare is $42.50, an Ambulant member would pay $22.50 ($20 plus the $2.50 over the $40 fare) and the SATSS voucher would cover the remaining $20.

Where can I use my SATSS vouchers?

Current green and gold SATSS vouchers can be used to catch a taxi in any state or territory in Australia. Members need to fill out the relevant details on the voucher before providing it to the taxi driver. The same level of subsidy on your fare will apply Interstate as you would receive in South Australia.

How can I obtain an Application Form for Transport Assistance, and further information?

You can download the latest Application Form direct from the following link: Application Form for Transport Assistance.


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