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Your safety is a major priority, so please wherever possible telephone for a Taxi and wait in a well lit and populated pre-arranged place. If this is not possible, there are special security ranks with security guards in attendance.The Computer Dispatch system provides the security of storing each request for a Taxi on permanent record. These records are not available for any cab hailed or flagged from a rank.
All Taxi Drivers have an official identification with a photograph to endorse the fact that they are the person to whom the licence belongs. This identification is on the dashboard area of the vehicle, and issued by the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure, where an official database of Drivers and ID’s are stored.

Technology and Safety in Taxis

What about Safeguards?

Digital Surveillance Cameras – Adelaide Taxis have digital security surveillance cameras in all taxis. The cameras provide passengers and drivers with added protection and act as deterrent against potential offenders. Since their introduction in 2001, assaults on drivers have decreased and the images produced from the cameras have enabled offenders to be positively identified, apprehended and convicted.

Global Positioning – The taxi companies have fitted all taxis with a Global Positioning System (GPS). GPS enables the taxi company to track the exact location of the taxis in the fleet. This in turn, enhances service and safety.

Confidential Computer Job Dispatch – All Taxis are fitted with on-board computers. This means that when you order a taxi, the job is relayed to the closest taxi via the computer. Your details are only displayed on the computer screen in the taxi that has been ordered to pick you up. There is no “audio transmission or broadcast” and the taxi company maintain computer records of all job details.

The Taxi Company maintains complete records of the job details, including time, taxi dispatched and individual driver. This makes ringing for a taxi a very confidential and secure process.

Taxi Driver Identification Cards – All taxi drivers undergo extensive screening, including a National Police Clearance, working with children check and training prior to becoming a taxi driver.
When they have met all the criteria, they are registered with the Department for Planning, Transport and Infrastructure and issued with a Driver Accreditation card. The card contains their first name, their photograph and the expiry date of their accreditation. If you have any concerns about the driver, check that their identification card is current and record their name.

Taxi Vehicle Identification – All Adelaide Taxis have a “Taxi Number Plate” with the wording “TAXI” followed by the “Taxi Number”, for example “TAXI 1234”.
Inside look for:

  • Driver Identification Card
  • Taxi ID number
  • Taxi meter
  • Fare Schedule and some identification and information cards prominently displayed
  • On-board computer
  • Two-way radio

Outside look for a:

  • Taxi roof sign
  • Decals on the taxi identifying which taxi company they are with.
  • Large reflective stickers on rear doors with the registration number
  • Taxi Number Plates

Recently the industry introduced a range of safety initiatives, one of these is the requirement that all metropolitan taxis now display large reflective stickers on both rear doors of each taxi with the registration number for that particular car (the number plate also shows the number of the car as well).

If you are unsure about the authenticity of a taxi vehicle, check the vehicle licence plate, equipment and displayed identification cards.

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