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There are four ways to hire a taxi-cab in Adelaide – book by phone or smartphone app, at a Taxi-cab Rank or hail from the side of the road.

By Phone

To book a taxi-cab by telephone simply dial the designated taxi companies. Your booking details will be taken and depending when you want the taxi-cab, the first available taxi will dispatched to collect you.

Use the App.

All three taxi companies have an app. Check out the webpage of your favourite taxi company and follow the prompts. Click here for apps links

Taxi Rank

There are designated taxi-cab ranks which are clearly signposted throughout metropolitan Adelaide. Sometimes at major events or at extremely busy ranks a system called “multiple hire” might operate. (See below for more information on Multiple Hiring)


You can ‘hail or flag down’ a taxi-cab from the side of the road or street. For safety reasons it is best you try to pick a place that is well lit and accessible

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I hail/flag down a Taxi in the Street? Yes, taxis can be hailed/flagged down in the street. They can also be found at taxi ranks.

How many passengers will they carry? Most taxis can carry four passengers, although some can take more.

How will the fare be calculated and how do I know how much to pay? Each taxi is fitted with a calibrated meter which can be seen in the cab of the vehicle. For journeys with a destination within metropolitan Adelaide the meter calculates the cost of the journey.

What about Safeguards? All drivers are licensed and accredited by the Licensing Authority; their vehicles have undergone and passed stringent tests for roadworthiness.

Multiple hirings Multiple hirings are permitted in taxis throughout Adelaide with the consent of all passengers.

A multiple hiring involves:

    two or more people who are travelling in the taxi from a common starting point
    the first and subsequent hirers consent to another person also hiring the taxi
    the hirers’ destinations are in the same general direction
    each hirer paying no more than 75 per cent of the fare showing on the taxi meter at their destination.
Guidelines for Safe and Reliable Taxi Service

Taxi Identification

Outside look for a:

    Registration plate commencing with Taxi followed by either three or four numbers on the back and front of the taxi
    Large blue sign with taxi number on passenger rear doors, and Taxi Roof sign.
Inside look for a Passenger Information Card indicating:
    Information sticker on fares and charges on top left hand side of front window;
    Sticker also contains information on who to contact to register a compliment or complaint about the service;
    Driver’s photo identification and identifying number; and Taxi meter.
Taxi Driver Responsibilities
    Provide courteous service to passengers;
    Take the most direct route to the destination;
    Keep the taxi clean and tidy;
    Charge fares only by using the taxi meter (with additional $3 if leaving from Airport Rank);
    Assist a disabled person from the kerb to the cab;
    Transport guide dogs and Hearing dogs. (assistance animal)
Reporting Service Quality
    Compliments will be passed on to the taxi driver if the driver is properly identified.
    Complaints will result in a proper investigation and may in turn improve taxi service.
    Report your experience as soon as possible by calling the taxi company direct or the INFOLINE on 1300 311 108.
    Facts like the car number, driver number, location of pick-up and time of day will help track the driver. Better yet ask for a receipt.

Finally:- To our loyal taxi customers “Thanks for catching a taxi” Download: Patron Information about Multi-Hiring [PDF, 16Kb]


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