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This document was received from the Department Infrastructure & Transport (DIT). Please find included information of the new maximum fares for Adelaide metropolitan taxis, representing an increase of 3%. This is the first time fares have been raised in three years and a welcome increase in earning opportunity for taxi drivers. The new fares have been gazetted and will come into operation on 1 October 2016 (from 12.01 am).

In addition, these changes introduce an additional peak period fee of $2 per trip occurring between 12.01 am and 5.59 am on Saturdays, Sundays and Public holidays. This payment is to go to taxi drivers as incentive to work overnight weekend shifts. Note: only taxis approved by the department to carry 5 or more passengers are allowed to have a meter that can charge tariff 3 and tariff 4 for multi-seat work.

The $1 point to point transport transaction service levy will not apply from 1 October 2016. DIT will advise you when this levy is to come into operation. In order to prepare your systems, this $1 amount is to be charged per completed journey (not per passenger) and is not to be built into the flag fall. The charge is to be calculated with GST not applicable, and should appear on the meter screen as a separate extra.

Please contact your CBS or Operator for information regarding activating the new tariffs. NEW RATES AS OF DECEMBER 23rd 2013

The Public Transport Division of the Department of Infrastructure and Transport is responsible for regulating taxi fares for metropolitan taxis. In September 2009a third and fourth tariff were introduced for multi-seater taxis (more than 4 passengers).

Tariff One applies for taxis hired between 6.00am and 7.00pm Monday to Friday.

Tariff Two applies to taxis hired between: 7.00pm – 6.00am Monday-Friday and weekends and on all public holidays.

Tariff Three is for more than 4 passengers (6 people including the driver) and covers the same period as Tariff One. Tariff Four is for more than 4 passengers (6 people including the driver) and covers the same period as Tariff Four. Payment Options

Upon completion of a journey the customer is obligated to pay the metered fare plus any additional charges. In Adelaide, the only additional charges are the Airport Service Fee which is not showing on the meter (currently $2 for taxis leaving the Airport) and a Soiling Fee if required. The fare can be paid through the use of the EFTPOS terminal in the taxi, using debit and selected, credit and charge cards, SATSS Voucher, State Government subsidised taxi travel program or by cash.

Your driver has the right to request from you proof of payment prior to the commencement of your journey. You should check with your driver prior to the commencement of your journey as to an acceptable method of payment.

Payments using EFTPOS

EFTPOS offers convenient and safe way for customers to pay fares.Department Infrastructure & Transport (DIT).


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