Taxi Concierges experienced in operating at Managed Taxi Ranks together with security guards if needed, can be monitored by the police and close circuit CCTV to provide a safe and Managed environment for people to access taxis, to ease traffic congestion and prevent problems between potential passengers vying to get away after a late night out.  They can feel confident that they can access a taxi safely and hassle free.  Taxi drivers feel happier in the knowledge that customers will be seeking only licensed taxis in a safe environment.

Visible uniforms

Concierges wear highly visible uniforms and are experienced in crowd control and traffic management.

Passenger confidence

Passenger can be confident that the taxis are fully licensed and accredited and have a safe, well lit taxi rank.

Orderly behaviours

At any of the Managed taxi rank locations passengers are expected to queue in an appropriate and orderly manner.  The Taxi Rank Concierges will allocate passengers to taxis.  Good lighting signage and street furniture will make managed taxi ranks even better. Abusive or inappropriate behaviour towards Taxi Concierge’s, security guards or other patrons waiting in the managed taxi rank queue will not be tolerated.  People who behave in this manner will be asked to leave the rank and the police will be called in cases of continuing abusive or inappropriate behaviour

Hours of operation

The Taxi Concierge normally works between the hours of 11 pm to 4 am or until the queue is cleared, operating on Fridays and Saturdays.

Code of Practice

To ensure fairness and civility there is a Code of Practice for Concierges to follow and a complaints procedure.

Taxi Rank Concierge and Managed Ranks

Managed Managed Taxi Ranks have become a feature of some busy spots in Adelaide’s CBD and at special events. Ranks are managed by qualified, Taxi Council Concierges and security personnel on Friday and Saturday nights between 11.00pm and approximately 4.30am.

The managed ranks are located at the North Terrace entrance to Adelaide Casino, the south eastern corner of Morphett and Hindley Streets, Pulteney Street near entrance to Rundle Mall, East Terrace, eastern side of King William Street near the entrance to Rundle Mall and the HQ Nightclub. There is also a managed rank on Colley Terrace at Glenelg.

Taxi Rank Concierges were introduced in Adelaide’s CBD to maximise taxi availability and to ensure the safe loading of passengers into taxis. Taxi Rank Concierges help prevent disorder on busy ranks, assist with the queues, assist with multi-hiring, manage the flow of taxis, and organise people into taxis.

The Taxi Council SA believes that a uniformed security officer, together with industry Taxi Rank Concierges will prove to be a beneficial partnership. They help late night revellers to stay safe, and discourage people from drink driving. The scheme is intended to also promote safer travel at night in the city as part of the taxi transport strategy.

Passengers attending the Rank will be asked their destination by a trained Taxi Rank Concierge and allocate a taxi  in order of arrival. When multi-hiring the Concierge will allocate passengers to a taxi travelling in the general direction of the first passenger.

Special Event Taxi Ranks

Taxi Rank Concierges are also available to service Adelaide’s clubs, pubs, tourist attractions and major entertainment venues. They allow for the movement of large numbers of people quickly and safely after sporting events, dinners and concerts.

Our people assist with the smooth flow of people from your function into waiting taxis, ensuring that they can leave the venue without any problems capping off a wonderful event. Crowds are cleared with the least possible inconvenience.

Concierges are in regular contact with the Taxi Companies across Adelaide to attempt to maximise Taxi availability, handle specific requests, and ensure the smooth running of the Rank.

A Special Event Taxi Concierge will cost $55 per hour (incl GST). The cost includes consultation and establishment services, trained Concierges and Security Officers when required.

The TCSA reserves the right to nominate the number of staff required for the efficient operation of the Rank at any event or venue.

To hire a Special Event Taxi Rank Concierge contact the Taxi Council SA on 08 8301 8400 or email

Helping to make a safe place to enjoy a night out

The Program forms an important part of the partnership approach to street problems aiming to make a safer place for all who want to come and enjoy the vibrant and dynamic night life of the City.