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What we do

The Accreditation and Licensing Centre (ALC) was established to streamline services to the Taxi, Hire Car and Bus industries. All your registration, accreditation and licensing enquiries can be directed to ALC to allow us to better serve you.

To obtain or renew driver accreditation, operator accreditation or add, delete or replace a vehicle on your accreditation, simply visit the ALC where your application can be assessed, approved and finalised by payment and the issue of the appropriate documents. No longer do you have to attend different outlets to obtain accreditation – it can all be completed at the ALC Mile End South. Any transactions that do not necessarily require TCSA approval (e.g. public passenger vehicle registration renewal, annual installment payment for operator accreditation and driver accreditation renewals where there are no issues on the Medical and Eyesight Certificate or National Police Certificate) can also be completed at the ALC.

ALC staff is available from 9am to 4.45pm weekdays to assist members and prospective members of the public passenger transport industries with accreditation, licensing and vehicles enquiries.

The TCSA continues to provide assistance in completing new, renewal or cancellation of taxi leases and transfer of taxi licences and the fees for these transactions can be paid on-site. Again, there is now no need to attend multiple sites to complete your business. 

71 Richmond Rd
Mile End South SA 5031
Opening Hours

Mon – Fri 9am to 4.45pm

Closed weekends and public holidays

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