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The TCSA fosters the interests and wellbeing of taxi-cab drivers, taxi-cab operators and taxi-cab depots across the State. The TCSA ’s activities fall into key areas of:

    •Lobbying with transport (including taxi-cab) decision makers
    •Transport policy, strategic planning and legislation/regulation
    •Industry performance standards and enhancement
    •Licensing and accreditation
    •Industry training and skills development
    •Fares and fare structures
    •Taxi-cab rank planning and operation
    •Liaison and co-ordination with other forms of transport
    •State and Local government transport planning and programs
    •Taxi-cab business development
    •Taxi-cab vehicles – standards, fuel, availability
    •Taxi-cab systems and equipment – security, meters, tolling
    •Federal and International matters – legislation, trends, resource pricing
    •Information gathering and dissemination, guides and manuals.

The objectives of the Council are as follows:

    1.1 To represent taxi-cab owners in all matters associated with the taxi-cab industry.
    1.2 To promote, maintain, protect and further the interests, rights and privileges of the taxi industry and the members of the Council.
    1.3 To promote the use of taxis and ensure harmony is maintained between the Taxi Industry and the public
    1.4 To review all legislation pertaining to the taxi industry. Support where applicable, or oppose, where that legislation may contravene the common interests of taxi-cab owners.
    1.5 To seek fare adjustments as required, to ensure fair and reasonable charges be maintained at such a level not to disadvantage taxi-cab owners or the public.
    1.6 To provide information pertaining to the taxi industry to the members.
    1.7 To encourage, assist the taxi industry to seek out, determine, assess and respond to the needs of taxi users.
    1.8 To encourage, assist, promote and foster the achievement and the maintenance of the highest level of integrity, justice, competence, effectiveness and efficiency of the taxi industry.
    1.9 To develop, encourage, promote, foster and maintain consultation and co-operation between the taxi-cab industry and local government authorities, state and commonwealth governments, with statutory bodies and other corporations and their instrumentalities.
    1.10 To represent the members of the Council and the taxi-cab industry generally in their dealings with state and commonwealth governments, with statutory bodies and other corporations, with the media and with the public.

The Committee:

    The affairs of the Council are managed and controlled exclusively by the Committee of Management which in addition to any powers and authorities conferred by these rules exercise all powers and do all things as are in the objects of the Council, and are not by the Act or by these rules required to be done by the Council in a general meeting.

The Committee comprises:

    Centralised Booking Service nominees;
    Taxi Operators – A number of Taxi Operators who are Ordinary Members, equal to two more than the total number of appointees, and not less than 8 Taxi Operators in total.
    A nominee appointed by AFAA or a similar organisation approved by the Committee. A maximum of five (5) Appointees appointed in accordance with Clause 10.6 (b). At least one of the appointees must be an Independent non-industry related entity.

.Members of the Taxi Council Committee are:

    President – John Trainer
    Vice President/Treasurer – Paul Bougessis
    Secretary – Cheryle Conduit

Committee Members:

Rob Kerin, John Trainer, Steve Savas, Paul Bougessis, Cheryle Conduit, Con Vokolos, Evelyn Michas, Jim Matsoukas, Kym Woolford, Jim Triantafyllou, Harry Tsiakiridis, Norm Cooper

    Country Taxis SA Representative – Chris Brougham
    • Committee members can be contacted at the Taxi Council by telephone on Phone: (08) 8301 8400 or by email on

Membership Eligibility:

    To be eligible for membership of the Council the applicant must hold current operator accreditation approved by the Minister through the Department of Transport, Energy and Infrastructure.
    Membership shall be forfeited upon the sales of their licence, or termination of the member’s lease or the cancellation of the member’s accreditation unless Life Membership has been granted to a member.
    Any member whose subscription is outstanding for more than three months after the due date for payment shall cease to be a member of the Council, provided always that the Committee shall reinstate such a person’s membership on payment of the outstanding balance and any outstanding amount for the current membership year and on any other such terms as the Committee deems fit.
    The committee shall have the power to offer life membership to any member whom the committee deems deserving of such membership and under such conditions that the committee deems fit.

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Guidelines For Honorary Life Membership:

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    Honorary life membership may be conferred upon any member who has made a notable contribution to the taxi industry.
    To be eligible for honorary life membership, an individual shall have made a contribution of lasting importance and have a record of active involvement in the Industry.
    The honorary life membership should not be conferred simply as a reward for longevity or passive committee or organizational activity.
    Honorary life membership recognizes an accumulation of many years of service.
    Normally, the individual should have made a contribution to SATA/TCSA and it should have been of more than limited achievement.
    Under extraordinary circumstances, however, an honorary life membership may be awarded to an individual who has made an outstanding contribution in the interest of the industry and who is known and respected throughout the Industry.
    The honorary life membership should recognize an individual contribution rather than an individual representing the accomplishments of many.
    Honorary life memberships are not necessarily given each year, but more than one such honor may be awarded in any given year.
    Committee will take nominations for a person felt worthy of honorary life membership. Nominations will be tabled at the following AGM at which a vote will be taken by all members present, to confer this award.
    The Secretary will keep a cumulative list of honorary life members with the year in which the honor was awarded, which shall be published annually in TCSA Magazine following the annual meeting.
    The recipient will be presented with a plaque proclaiming the honor

Key Stakeholders in the South Australian Industry:

    Taxi Council SA Inc.
    Taxi Operators
    Taxi Drivers
    Taxi Companies
    Department of Planning, Transport and Infrastructure
About – Taxi Council South Australia
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