We’re thrilled to welcome Cabcharge, Adelaide Independent Taxis and Adelaide Access Taxis to the list of sponsors of this year’s Taxi Driver of the Year award. If you haven’t yet voted for your favourite cabbie, jump online and cast a vote at So far, we’ve heard from lots of passengers acknowledging the service of their favourite driver and we’re thoroughly enjoying hearing the stories of our cabbies going above and beyond to leave a parting smile on the faces of so many South Australians. Voting for the State’s favourite cabbie closes at the end of September, so don’t forget to cast your vote the next time you’re in a cab and impressed with the service. click here for detailed Media release

TCSA media release welcoming tough penalties and awareness campaign re assaults.

Taxi Council responds to the State Government’s announcement on ridesharing

The State Government’s decision to allow a nominal $85 license fee for Uber operators and those of other ridesharing companies is a hit to small ‘mum and dad’ investors and a win for big business. In a double whammy for taxis, the license fee for chauffeured vehicles, which had been $1912, has also been dropped to $85. Taxi Council SA (TCSA) President Jim Triantafyllou says the industry also strongly feels the $1 levy which has been proposed for all metropolitan trips should have been funded from an increased licence fee for rideshare operators and not from the general public