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MultiPurpose Taxi Council SA

Taxi Service & Safety

Traveling by taxi is a convenient and easy method of getting from place to place. It is the only transport service that operates 'door to door' operating 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Taxis form part of an integrated transport network alongside bus, rail and tram services.

How to Catch a Taxi

Can I hail/flag down a Taxi in the Street? How will the fare be calculated and how do I know how much to pay? All these questions and more are explained here.

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Taxis at the Adelaide Airport

Learn more about appropriate fares and Taxi Concierge services at the Adelaide Airport.

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Make sure you know about number plates, car number and how to report compliments or complaints.

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Wheelchair Accessible Taxis

A fleet of more than 70 wheelchair accessible taxi-cabs operate across Adelaide.

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Industry Advertising

Advertising and promotions

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