Lost Property

A passenger finding property in a taxi must pass it to the driver.

At the end of each shift the driver must carefully examine the taxi for property that may have been left behind.

If the driver finds an article left in the taxi he/she must within 48 hours deliver the property to the operator of the Taxi Company (Centralised Booking Service) or to the South Australian Police.

The SA Police recommend that property found in taxis be handed to a 24 hour Police Station. The list of 24 hour stations and their address is shown on the right.

Question: “I have left something in a taxi, how do I check to see if it has been handed in and what if it hasn’t?”

Answer : First contact the taxi company if you know it. Secondly you can contact your local police station to see if it has been recorded on their Property Management system. If not, the police station can take a Lost Property Report or a report can be made by phoning 131 444.