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MultiPurpose Taxi Council SA

"Thanks for catching a taxi" campaign

Taxi Council SA aims to increase awareness of the dedication of drivers, operators and customer service staff in servicing the community. We are delighted, through the campaign running on billboards throughout Adelaide, to introduce you to some of the wonderful characters who work within the taxi industry everyday.

They are part of a TCSA campaign positively positioning the SA taxi industry at this very important time in our history.


Pictures of some of the billboards, both at prominent outdoor locations across Adelaide as well inside the busy Adelaide Airport terminal, featuring some of the friendly, local stars of the taxi industry.




“We all just want to get home safely” November 2013

Building on the highly successful “Give Cabbies a Fair Go” campaign in 2008, which appealed to passengers ‘to put themselves in the driver’s seat’, Taxi Council SA has embarked on new driver and passenger safety campaign. Launched in November 2013, the campaign is running under the theme of “we all just want to get home safely” and includes radio ads and billboard advertising. The motivation behind the campaign includes unacceptable verbal and physical attacks on drivers, together with a concerning growth in the public perception, particularly among females, that catching a taxi isn’t as safe as it used to be. The campaign is designed to encourage better relations between drivers and passengers and to promote mutual respect, with the ultimate goal of reducing violence against taxi drivers and encouraging taxi patronage. The campaign uses strong imagery and real life stories to promote a positive relationship between drivers and passengers and to demonstrate the commonalities between both. In particular, that both driver and passengers just want to get home safely. The campaign is also designed to increase awareness of the effectiveness of the on-board cameras and to promote the message that the cameras are there for the safety of both the driver and the passenger. The advertising lends itself to possible further campaigns in 2014, to promote driver safety, improve the overall image of the taxi industry and drive positive sentiment in relation to drivers and the very important job they do in transporting people.



“Give Cabbies a Fair Go” November 2008

In November 2008, Taxi Council SA developed a community awareness campaign aimed at reducing the incidence of taxi drivers being subject to abusive behaviour by passengers.
The campaign saw the development of a series of key messages to counter negative attitudes towards drivers and encourage passengers to “put themselves in the driver’s seat” and “give cabbies a fair go”.
The messages were incorporated into a multi-dimensional communications, media and advertising campaign.
To see examples of the Press and Hotel Venue advertising, built around the key themes of “Care”, “Talk”, and “Help”, click on the following links:

TCSA "Care" Advertising
TCSA "Talk" Advertising
TCSA "Help" Advertising

A series of radio adverts were also developed, using humour to appeal for mutual respect between drivers and passengers.

Radio Add 1

Radio Add 2